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Carteret - Sailing Directions

Precautions / Regulations / Facilities.

Maintain Listening Watch Barneville-Carteret Marina on Ch. 09.

Navigation: There is often quite a swell from about 6 miles out as the sea bottom shallows. Watch out for crab pots and ropes. Beware many pots are without flags. The entrance to the harbour has a jetty / bar that can be concealed below surface on full flood tides.

Depths: Drying entrance to harbour and shallow approaches. See: “LINKS"

Tidal Streams: The Harbour entrance and approach has, at times, a strong tidal stream running N/S & S/N @ up to 5 Knots. Keep a careful note of track until inside protection of harbour wall. Also beware of a strong stream running during flood through the marina gate. Best time to approach is +/- 1 hr H.W.

Winds: The Harbour entrance and up to 6 nM offshore is shallow and dangerous in strong wind conditions.

Shelter in the marina is good.

Speed Limits: Harbour entrance 5 knots reducing to 3 knots in the marina.

Marina Entrance: Entry into the marina is through the main harbour which is dredged to a drying depth of + 4m / +4.5m above chart datum. Concrete bases either side of gate project – care required to enter / exit in the central most part of the gate.

The Marina entrance has a drop down flap-gate, which dries 5m above chart datum. When the flap-gate opens there is approximately 1.3m of water over sill. Entry into marina is approximately + / - 2.5 hrs H.W. For published times of entry. See: “Links” . Tide gauge showing depth over sill and IPTS traffic light system in operation.

Marina: Barneville-Carteret Marina. See: “Links”.

Arrival procedures: In season marina staff will normally greet and direct visiting craft from their small harbour launch. When staff are not on water to direct visiting yachts, go to any available visitor berth.

Fuel: Fuel is available on the reception pontoon in marina.

Incident reporting: Barneville-Carteret Marina or CROSS “Jobourg” Coastguard: See: “VHF communications” & “Useful Telephone Contacts”.

VHF Communications.

Barneville-Carteret Marina: Ch. 09 Call sign: “Barneville-Carteret Marina:”.

CROSS “Jobourg” Coastguard: M.M.S.I. No 002275200 or Ch. 16 Call sign “CROSS Jobourg Coastguard”.

Useful Telephone Contacts.

Barneville-Carteret Marina: Tel: +33 (0)2 33 04 70 84.

CROSS “Jobourg” Coastguard: Tel: +33 (0)2 33 52 16 16.


Click here for Marina Website.

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