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Paimpol – Sailing Directions

Precautions / Regulations / Facilities.

Maintain Listening Watch within Approaches and Harbour on:

Harbourmaster / Lock Ch. 09.

Navigation: The approach to Paimpol, from the East, extends almost 5 nM. The main channel is, “Chenal de la Jument” which is well marked by lateral Red / Green buoys / towers and cardinal marks. The approach is flanked by outlining rocks “Roches du Roho” indicated by an East cardinal Tower, which from the sea appears menacing. Owing to the strong tidal streams, see “Tidal Streams”, it is prudent to initially head toward “Gouayan” (Red Cardinal to wer) before coming onto “Chenal de la Jument” by leaving “La Gueule” (Red Cardinal buoy) to port.

Depths: Approaches have drying areas and shallows nearly 5 nM out to sea. The approach and entry to Paimpol is only possible when there is sufficient rise of tide. Neap tides totally prohibit entry / exit to the harbour and marina as the harbour dries nearly 8m above Chart Datum. The Lock does not operate at all during neap tides and may leave vessels locked in or out of the marina during such times. Advance planning is necessary to avoid becoming locked in or disappointed at being unable to enter at such times.

Tidal Streams: Approaches have strong tidal streams running N / S & S / N @ up to 3 Knots.

Winds: Do not present a problem once in the marina but strong Easterlies can cause a chop in the approaches due to the shallow channel.

Speed Limits: Harbour 5 knots.

Harbour entrance: See “Depths”.

Holding inside outer harbour: It may be necessary to wait while the Lock opens for access into the marina. When holding in the outer harbour it is best to wait using engines to maintain position rather than coming alongside the harbour wall as parts of the wall is stepped (Local knowledge required to avoid dangers).

Paimpol Lock (Access to marinas): Times of operation, approximately HW -2.5 to HW +2. Near H.W. springs the lock may be left open over H.W. User friendly with vertical ropes. IPTS traffic signals on West side of Lock entrance. See: “Links” for published times of opening.

Marina: The marina is accessed through a tidal lock. See “Paimpol Lock”. Once inside the lock the first marina (No 2) is immediately accessible with a second marina (No 1) to the port hand side, which is accessed through an old Lock, now normally permanently left open. The marina staff normally meet visitors in their harbour launch, if not call. See: “VHF communications” & “Useful Telephone Contacts”.

Fuel: Diesel available from fuel pontoon near pontoon “A”. For more details contact Harbourmaster.

Incident reporting: Harbourmaster or CROSS Coastguard: See: “VHF communications” & “Useful Telephone Contacts”.

VHF Communications.

CROSS “Corsen” Coastguard: M.M.S.I. 002275300 or Ch.16 Call Sign: “CROSS CORSEN”.

Fuel : No contact details.

Lock Gates: 2.5 hrs either side of H.W. Ch. 09 Call sign: “Port de Paimpol”.

Paimpol Marina / Harbourmaster: 2.5 hrs either side of H.W. Ch. 09 Call sign: “Maison des Plaisanciers”.

Useful Telephone Contacts.

CROSS “Corsen” Coastguard: Tel: +33 (0)2 98 89 61 55 or 1616 from land line.

Lock Gates: Tel: +33 (0)296 209002.

Paimpol Marina / Harbourmaster: Tel: +33 (0)296 204765.


Click here for Paimpol Lock times of opening.

Click here for Port information.

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