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Sark (West Side Anchorage) - Sailing Directions

Precautions / Regulations / Facilities.

Maintain Listening Watch: St Peter Port Harbour on Ch. 12 (VTS) and Safety Channel Ch 16.

Navigation: See “Anchorage access”.

Depths: The anchorage has adequate depth of water to approach and pickup / hold on visitor buoys in all states of tide.

Tidal Streams: The approach to the anchorage has, at times, a strong tidal stream running N/S & S/N @ up to 4 Knots.

Winds: The anchorage is sheltered except in W/SW winds when it becomes very exposed.

Speed Limits: Speed restriction zones are in force around the coast of Sark, which include Harve Gosselin. The maximum speed is 6 knots reducing to 3 knots around moorings.

Anchorage (Harve Gosselin) access: The anchorage is approached via a course steered using transit marks. See “Use large scale navigation charts”.

Anchorage (Harve Gosselin): Visitors (Yellow) buoys are provided at no charge (If going ashore donations gratefully received – Ask Harbour Taxi for advise on how to do this).

Arrival procedures: No notification is necessary to the local authority.

Fuel: None.

Water Taxi: Yes. See “VHF communications”.

Incident reporting: St Peter Port VTS or Guernsey Coastguard. See: “VHF communications” & “Useful Telephone Contacts”.

VHF Communications.

Guernsey Coastguard: Working frequency Ch. 20 & listening watch on Ch.16 Call sign “Guernsey Coastguard”.

St Peter Port VTS: Ch. 12 Call sign “St Peter Port VTS”.

Water Taxi: VHF Ch. 10. Call sign “Sark Water Taxi”.

Useful Telephone Contacts.

Guernsey Coastguard: 01481 720672

St Peter Port VTS: 01481 720229.


Click here for Sark Tourism Website.

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