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Weymouth – Sailing Directions

Precautions / Regulations / Facilities.

Maintain Listening Watch within Weymouth Harbour Ch. 12 (VTS).

Navigation: Conspicuous navigation mark, “Sealife Tower” (55 metres) near to Pier heads. Leading lights / transits into harbour and traffic signals located midway on South Pier. (No signals mean you can move at own discretion). There are no particular hazards or precautions other than awareness of commercial traffic and “Lulworth Firing Range“ - See “Links”, “VHF Communications“ & “Useful Telephone Contacts“.

Depths: Open all states of tide.

Tidal Streams: Portland Head has strong currents and eddies. Keep well clear when planning routes to Weymouth or Portland.

Winds: The Harbour entrance is only exposed in strong easterlies.

Speed Limits: 4 knots, No wash.

Harbour entrance: See: “Navigation”.

Town Bridge (Lifting): Holding pontoons either side of bridge on West side of quays. Bridge opens every 2 hours during summer months between 08:00 & 20:00 hrs with additional lift at 21:00 hrs during June, July and August. Listen on Ch 12 for announcements 15 minutes before opening times. Winter months opening only on request. See: “VHF Communications”.

Arrival procedures: Call Harbour staff or Weymouth marina before berthing. See: “VHF Communications“ & “Useful Telephone Contacts“.

Marina: Weymouth Marina is accessed via the lifting bridge.

Harbour: Pontoons (Costly) are available for visiting yachts alongside main harbour walls.

Fuel: Diesel is available at the Fuel Station on the west quay near the R.N.L.I. station or by tanker pumped direct to vessel. See: “VHF Communications“ & “Useful Telephone Contacts“.

Incident reporting: Weymouth Harbour Office. See: “VHF Communications” & “Useful Telephone Contacts”.

VHF Communications.

Lulworth Firing Range (Including Patrol vessels): Listening watch kept during firings on Ch. 8 & Ch. 16.

Quayside Fuel (Mobile tanker): Ch. 60 Call sign “Quayside fuel”.

Weymouth Bridge; Ch. 12 Call sign “Weymouth Bridge”.

Weymouth Harbour Radio (VTS): Working channel Ch. 12 – First contact / communication on Ch. 16. Call sign “Weymouth Harbour Radio”. Working hours 07.00 to 19.00 hrs.

Weymouth Marina: Ch. 80. Call sign “Weymouth Marina”.

Useful Telephone Contacts.

Lulworth Firing Range: (Working hours) 01929 404712 Current range information: 01929 404819

Quayside Fuel (Mobile tanker): Mobile 07747 182181.

Weymouth Harbour Office: 01305 838423..

Weymouth Marina: (Working hours 07.00 to 19.00 hrs) 01305 767576.


Click here for Port information & Lulworth Firing Range.

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