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After more than 20 years of absence, the St Aubin's Boat Owners Association reformed in 2008 to represent the voice of the local boat owners. We are a positive and pro-active Association, which works closely with The Ports of Jersey to achieve the following aims:

To promote and encourage all boating activities.

To bring the local boat owners closer together.

To ensure that the local harbour is maintained to the highest standard

using the best possible environmental practices.


President: Bob Thompson

Vice President:  Robin Bougourd

Hon. Secretary:  Alan le Rossignol

Hon. Treasurer:   John Blampied

Membership Sec:  Michelle Harris

Social Secretary:

Committee: Andre Le Rossignol

Robin Medder

Nick Clarke

Kevin Holden

Bill Keating

Ian Macdonald

Mike Paddock

Richard Chapman

Webmaster:   Dan Downey

Hon Auditor: Caroline Baxter


PoJ Representatives: 

 Ande Vibert


Mike Jackson                              Founding Member

Gill Cotter                                    Founding Member & Hon. Treasurer Retired 2021

James Baxter                              Founding Member & Membership Sec. Retired 2021

Mickey Ryall.                              Founding Member

Bob Thompson                          Founding Member

Members who attended the Crane Operators Course:

Sharon Sullivan

Andre Le Rossignol

Peter Wilson

Phil Smart

Micky Ryall

Martin Fallaize

Nick Clarke

Bob Thompson

Anthony Blythe

Allan Blythin

Alan Le Rossignol

Lee Battrick

Dan Downey

Steve May

Eric Payn

Russel Tomalin

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